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Healing Keys helps you address emotional and physical issues through consciousness healing, energy healing, and body healing.
Are You Suffering From: 
Physical health issues that you can’t seem to shake? Anxiety / tension?
Self-destructiveness (self-sabotage)? Lack of self-confidence?
Fear of poverty, loss of love, work? Repeated failures in emotion and working relationships?
Feelings of low merit (feeling of not deserving happiness)? Chronic diseases or frequent diseases?
Feelings of the universe working against you? Emotions and negative thoughts?
Can you overcome or reduce negative issues? The answer is YES. 
The solution is finding the strength within yourself. You can do this by increasing your awareness and leveraging the power of your mind, emotion and physical body.
Our Approach


I've had long-standing problems with my hip, knee and neck. I've had three treatments of su-jok and reflexology and it’s made a huge difference. My pain is virtually gone and my joints are moving much more easily. Well worth the long-term effect. 



After retiring, I came to Hanaa to have a holistic "re-set" to commence the new phase of my life. I had chronic neck/back issues causing pain and restricted mobility. I also had low energy. Hannah intuitively implemented a successful treatment plan which met my needs. Through su-jok, reiki, energy treatments and other natural remedies, I am experiencing great improvement with my pain management, mobility, energy level and overall wellness. Hanna is a gifted healer. She is authentic and I am so grateful to have found her.

I was so delighted to hear that Hanaa is sharing her knowledge and talent through Healing Keys. she is a kind and caring practitioner who will help you on your journey by sharing new perspectives and supportive modalities - you will be glad to have met her in your journey to health.




Orleans, Ontario

Energy System

The body, mind and soul are connected to the energy system. This interdependence is important. When they are not compatible with each other, it can affect your overall well-being.

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